Speech Book Project Guidelines

Your next book project will be an oral presentation. You will give your report to the class. It would be a good idea to bring or create some visuals to help you talk about/explain parts of your book. You will need to give an oral report on your book that includes the following information:

Start off by introducing yourself. Then talk about the title, author and number of pages
in the book.

Use complete sentences to tell what the genre is.

Main Characters
Use complete sentences to describe each of the main characters.

Use complete sentences to describe where and when the story takes place.

Five Main Event Sections
Use complete sentences to retell the story by breaking it up into five main sections. Remember, the first sections should talk about the beginning of the book and the last section should talk about the end of the book.

Use complete sentences to describe the theme of the story.

Use complete sentences to answer the following questions:
2. Did you like the book?
3. Explain why you either did or did not like the book.
4. Would you recommend the book?
5. Explain why you would or would not recommend the book.

Favorite Part of the Story
Use complete sentences to describe what your favorite part of the story was and why it was your favorite part of the story.

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