Compliment Jar

Whenever the whole class is doing a super job (working quietly, doing what you are supposed to be doing, etc.) I will award compliments. Compliments look like marbles. When they are awarded to the class, the go into a large glass jar. Each time the jar is full, I will put one region of the United States up on the board. When the entire US is up on the board, it means that the class has earned a special choice time activity. The class will vote on what to do. It may be a party, a free recess, a special art project day, or ?. It all depends on what the class wants to do. We will talk more about what you all want to do when the time comes.

You can also earn compliments from other people & during other activites at Meadowdale:
SPECIALIST = 15 marbles
TEACHER = 15 marbles
VISITOR = 15 marbles
PRINCIPAL = 25 marbles
1 week without anyone getting a BAP or Suspension = 40 marbles

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