Room 201 Student Expectations

General Expectations

 Basically, I expect you to be in Room 201 to learn. This means that you are willing to to the following things:

  • Positively participate in all classroom activities.
  • Follow directions
  • Respect everyone (adults & students)
  • Treat others the way that you would like to be treated.
  • Work with every Room 201 student at some time this year.
  • Listen
  • Appropriately and respectfully use all technology tools
  • Have Fun!

Water/Getting Drinks
Of course you can get drinks in Room 201. However, please DO NOT get up to get a drink of water during direct instruction times as it can be very distracting for some students. If you simply can not get through class without water (like me), bring a sports bottle (filled with water only) and sit it at your desk. Please do not fill it up during class time.

Coats & Backpacks
 With all of the computers, desks, etc. we don't have a lot of extra room in our classroom, so where you keep your coat & backpack is very important! You can hang them up on the back of your chair. However, please do not leave them on the floor at any time!

Pencil Sharpening

 I am asking you to please not sharpen your pencils during learning times. Good times to sharpen pencils are either before school, at lunch time, or right after school. Please keep an extra sharpened pencil in your desk for emergencies!

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