What Students Will Be Learning at the Beginning of the Year

Reading: Strengthening of fiction & non-fiction comprehension skills will be taught throughout the school year. Students will learn to read for different purposes. As a class, students will read chapter novels (many of which are integrated into our Social Studies curriculum) & complete comprehension worksheets & projects to demonstrate what they have learned. Independently, students will need to read at least 3 books during the first trimester & complete 3 book summary projects. In general, one book summary project is due each month. Additionally, students will need to read at home for at least 30 minutes, 5 times each week and record their time on their reading note. Reading notes are due every Monday morning (or first day of each week).

Math: Measurement, Computation, Interpreting Tables/Graphs & Number Sense
Social Studies: Mapping Skills, Early Colonization of the United States and the Revolutionary War
Science: Landforms Unit

  • Poetry, Expository Writing, Persuasive Writing, Spelling & Vocabulary Skills & Oral Presentations will be covered during the first trimester.

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