Tickets = Classroom Money

In Room 201, you have the opportunity to earn tickets. You might want to think of tickets as being money that is used in our classroom. Tickets can be earned for:
  • Good behavior
  • Classroom job
  • Following the class rules
  • Turning in all of your homework on time
  • Doing a super job on an assignment
  • Giving 110% effort in class.

Here are just some of the things that tickets are good for:

  • Auctions (they were pretty cool last year)
  • Surprises (sorry, I can't tell you about these).

 Losing Tickets
 You can lose tickets as quickly as you can earn them. Mostly, you can lose them by goofing off, not following the rules, or not doing your job. Remember, you want to have as many tickets as possible. Students who are "in debt" during a fieldtrip or special activity will be asked to not participate in that activity.

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