2004 DARE Essays

D.A.R.E Essay
by N.B.

I promise to Officer Johnson that I will never in my life do drugs. I will never take drugs because they can severely damage your body. I will not take drugs because if I do I will not be able to run fast because of breathing problems. So if I take drugs than I will never have a shot at any sports because your body will be damaged. Someone I know has smoked most of his life and is not able to run as fast as he used to.
Drugs are very dangerous and can damage your body. Cigarettes can damage your body badly. They can cause breathing problems and cause cancer. Cigarettes also contain 200 known poisons that can cause early death. Marijuana can also be very dangerous and addictive. Marijuana affects your brain and body. Marijuana is illegal in the United States.

These are a few ways D.A.R.E has taught me to be in charge and avoid situations that include drugs. One way D.A.R.E has taught me to be in charge is if someone asks you if you want to smoke you can just ignore the person and walk away. Another way to get out of a risky situation is you can use humor and say no, I need all my brain cells. D.A.R.E has taught me to stay away from drugs and alcohol because they can seriously damage my body and even kill me. These are all ways to get out of violent situations. If your body is damaged from drugs and alcohol then it can limit your future dreams.

Taking drugs can destroy any dreams of playing sports when you get older. If you are under 21 and you drink alcohol, then your body will be more affected in both school and sports. Same with if you take other drugs. If you smoke Marijuana than you can lose your memory and cause breathing problems. Any sort of drug can limit your future and wreck your body. It can also damage the people around you from second-hand smoke.

by A.C.

I PROMISE TO OFFICER. JOHNSON THAT I WILL NOT USE drugs in my life. Kids bodies are still growing and drugs will slow you down. Especially if you play a sport you will not be able to go as fast. Say if Officer Johnson smoked Marijuana. It would still be bad for him, but if I smoked Marijuana it would be worse for me, with maybe death! Be careful if somebody offers you drugs, make the right decision.
If you use drugs you can mess up your body. You may get into a lot of violence and soon your body will feel all good in what you have done. Then you will would want to do drugs again. Eventually you would want alcohol and your body will get all messed up. For the rest of your life, you would probably regret it. So don’t do drugs!

The DARE book helped me!!! I learned stuff that I would never have guessed if I even tried. Officer Johnson told us different things that was not even in the book and was more interesting. Each drug does different things and every one of them is bad for you. All of those drugs and bad things will go into your body. So do .the right thing, don’t use drugs!!

If you get into alcohol drugs or anything else including drugs. Things your life will be pretty messed up, for the rest of your life. If you want a job you will probably not get the job. People will not get a job because you would not now as many things as you new before. Because you took drugs so please. Do not uses drugs are drink alcohol.

by B.S.

I will make a promise to my brother that I will stay away from drugs because he has had a bad experience with drugs. If he sees me doing drugs then he will go get my dare book and he will get me to stop. If I see him doing drugs or smoking then I will get my dare book out. Get him to stop smoking. When he moves out then I will make a promise to my sister that I will never smoke.

Marijuana is bad for children. It can slow done the process of the child. Then if the child got slowed down in the process of growth then that would not be a very good thing for that child. If he /she were in high school or collage and they have been smoking since they were 10, then they would have yellow teeth and could have lung cancer .If the body development was screwed up then the child could be smaller than normal or should be and be getting picked on. That would not be a very good thing.

In dare I have learned that tobacco is bad for all kinds of people and when you are under the age of 18 then it is illegal to smoke. If you were not aloud to drink alcohol than you will get arrested. That marijuana is illegal for all ages because it is not aloud in our state. That marijuana smoke has more tar than tobacco smoke. That’s about some stuff. Alcohol will slow down the body. And that’s what I learned in DARE.

Say I wanted to be a great soccer player when I grow up. So I am a great soccer player and I was the best on my team. Then I start smoking and starts getting hard for me to play sports. Then I start to drink alcohol and it slows me down. Too much would kill me. Then I could miss a game my team needed me and since I would be dead then they would lose.

Dare Essay
by B.B.

I want to talk to you about saying no to drugs. I will promise my parents that I would say no to drugs if someone offered some to me. I know someone that smokes, but tries not to smoke near anybody and me. Some people say that everyone smokes and drinks, but I don’t believe them and neither should you because only 11% of eighth-graders smoke. One lesson I learned to say no and that is my favorite is “No thank you I’m not allowed."

There are a lot of dangers of using drugs. Did you know that if you smoke it gives you bad breath? Also smoking can cause dry skin and wrinkles. Alcohol can give you slurred speech. Also dinking alcohol can get into a car crash. Marijuana can make you not concentrate.

DARE taught me how to be in charge. One way I can be in charge is give some one the cold shoulder if someone offered me drugs. If I wanted a party and some smokers just walked in, I would tell them to get out or they’re at the wrong house and tell my parents. I will always try to be in charge. The ones who help me are my dare officer, Mrs. Soderberg, and my family. I will say on to drugs on matter what. I will also say no to alcohol.

Alcohol and drugs can ruin my future choices by health and thought. I love to run, but if I start drinking alcohol then I will let myself down and go to jail. I also like to walk to the store, but if I start smoking then I would get to the store in about an hour. I would hate to throw my whole life out the window. Those are my reasons why I don’t want to smoke and drink alcohol.

D.A.R.E. essay
by C.T.

I promise to say no to drugs because it will ruin my life. I will also promise not to take drug because I don’t want to make my parent feel unhappy. My final promise is to Officer Johnson. I promise Officer Johnson I’ll say no to drugs because it can ruin my future. Saying no to drug is almost the perfect phrase if you want a good life.

Drugs are almost the number 1 killer and the most addictive too. One type of drugs is Marijuana and it has a 50% to 70% of causing cancer. Marijuana is also illegal to sell in the United States. Smoking Marijuana can make me have a lot of trouble breathing, memory loss, hard time to focus, slows down your reflexes and can make me have really bad reaction time. These are all the facts that Marijuana can do to you. Seeing someone die from Marijuana is really sad.D.A.R.E. told me how to avoid drugs and what drugs can do to you. In D.A.R.E they taught me how to say no and “ways to be in charge of the situation. Some of the D.A.R.E lesson they taught me that some of the drugs are illegal to sell in the Untied state. In D.A.R.E. they also talk about people that do drugs and what had happen to them. D.A.R.E. had taught me every thing that drug could affect you.

If I do drugs in my life my parent’s would ground me to life. Doing drug in adult age is bad but in my age it is like 10 times more bad. I also don’t want to have bad health. Drugs can also make me have 50%to70% of having cancer or dieses. Doing drug can make me feel painful and harder to focus what I’m doing. If I do drug when I’m 16 year-old it can make me have a bad future.

by E.M.

I promise Officer Johnson and my self to say no to drugs because there are not good for my health. I will always say no to drugs because some drugs can cause breathing problems. Tobacco can cause heart disease. Another reason is that drugs can cause short-term memory loss. One more reason is that you can get more colds and upper respiratory problems.

Some dangers of using Tobacco are that smoking can cause heart disease. More than 400,000 people die from Tobacco related causes each year. The dangers of using Marijuana are you have an even better risk of cancer. It can also cause breathing problems. Some dangers of Alcohol are it can damage every organ in my body. Alcohol can slow down the brain and body.

The D.A.R.E. program taught me to avoid being involved with drugs, violent activities, and Alcohol by staying away from places that I know are going to have some sort of drug use. I learned to stay with a great number of kids who do not smoke. I also learned that when someone says “Hey kid do want to smoke’’ you can just ignore them and give them the cold shoulder. You can change the subject. The last thing is that you can use humor.

Being involved with drugs, violence, and Alcohol can limit my future choices in life by not being able to play sports. I will also have poor judgment. Another thing is that my reflexes will be slowed down. I can get slurred speech. You can also get memory lapses. Last but not least you can get heart problems, like heart disease.

DARE Essay
by C.J.

I promise to say no to drugs to my family because it is a hard enough responsibility to take care of my family to do drugs.
I would not do drugs because it is the wrong thing to do, you will be in the process of doing the right thing.
Smoking will hurt every organ in my body and I could die from it. I promise not to drink until I will be the age of 21 because if I drink at a young age, I won’t grow properly. Mostly every day you see alcohol or advertisement or Budweiser and all those signs that some people ask you about“ hay you wont a drink?” So say the right choice.

If I did drugs then I would be a disaster then I wouldn’t remember anything and it wouldn’t be good. If I did drugs then I would make the wrong choice. Drugs are bad for me because they make a dangerous situation. I Know if someone comes up to you and says hey would you wont a beer and I would say no thanks but my parents would ground me for life, if I had to drink or do other drugs I would smoke a cigarette.

The ways you say no to someone is when someone comes up to you and says hay you wont to go to a party with us and are parents aren’t going to be there ether and there is going to be alcohol marijuana but you would probable say NO! The most dangers drug is the kind of drug that looks like a smarty candy that has K.C for Calvin Klein and that can make you go all the way up and put you stat back down. The violence that can happen is it will affect your body and your brain and it is so distasteful that it will damage your lungs and if you are drinking and driving you are going to crash. The way with drugs is that it will circulate into your body and you mite die.

In my feature the drugs will do bad stuff like getting drunk or sniff marijuana, or even smoke tobacco and all those drugs because that stuff will hurt most of your body. It can hurt your hart your brain, lungs, throat and exposal your teeth all that stuff is not the right choices all those choices are saying no or how about no lets do something else. When you drink beer, alcohol it will make you drunk and when you drive you all always look to the right but you think you are on the road but you are on the sidewalk on the right.

My D.A.R.E. Essay
by E.S.

I promise to say no to drugs. I promise all of my family, classmates, friends, and Officer Johnson that I won’t do drugs and I won’t smoke. I promise to not do drugs because I know of the harmful things it can cause. I will not drink, smoke, or do drugs because they can affect every part of the body. I would not want that to happen to me because they can cause a whole lot of cancerous diseases.

It is dangerous to use many drugs and many alcoholic beverages. One very dangerous drug we learned about is called Ecstasy. Ecstasy Pills are extremely dangerous. They are dangerous because if you take one you become very ecstatic for a few hours, then you are very depressed. It is dangerous to get into fights because you will get in big trouble. Plus you could get seriously hurt. A glass of wine, can of beer, and a shot of hard alcohol all have about the same amount of alcohol. None of them are worse than the other.

The D.A.R.E. program has taught me a number of ways to avoid being involved with drugs, violent activities, alcohol, and smoking. It is important to avoid doing drugs because most all of them are very bad for you and you could get sick and die from them. It is important to avoid violent activities because you could get seriously hurt. It is important to avoid lots of alcohol because you could get in a coma. You could also hurt others if you are drunk. It is important not to smoke because you could easily get lung cancer.

Alcohol, drugs, smoking, and violence can limit future choices in my life. Alcohol can limit future choices in my life because I could get drunk and go to jail. I could also go into a coma from drinking too much. Drugs can limit future choices in my life because I could get addicted to something and not do anything else in my life. Smoking can limit future choices in my life because of the same thing as drugs. Violence can limit future choices in my life because I could get into fights and get hurt.

DARE Essay
by H.D.

I promise to everyone that I will not take drugs. But I really want to promise to someone that will never take drugs our DARE Officer, Officer Johnson. I would like to make this promise to Officer Johnson because he has taught my class and I the many ways of how doing drugs and drinking Alcohol will mess up your body. I think me and other people wouldn’t take a drug or some alcohol or even a cigarette if someone offers them one. That is why you should make a promise to someone that you know about not taking drugs, alcohol, or smoking any cigarettes. So if you ever think of taking something like that that you know is bad for you. You just might think of that time when you promised that you would never take any drugs, Alcohol, or any cigarettes.

There are many dangers in using different drugs or drinking alcohol and types of cigarettes. About 11% of eighth-graders out of 100 smoke Tobacco in thirty days. Also 20% of eight-graders out of 100 drank alcohol in the past 30 days. If you drink or smoke and take drugs under age it will really damage your body. Smaller body’s produce’s the alcohol and in a different way which will slow down the body. Smoking Tobacco or Marijuana will cause young body’s to feel very, very tired and restless. Smoking too much Tobacco will cause lung cancer and more upper respiratory problems. Drinking too much alcohol will cause slurred speech and lead to coma or death.

There are many ways in which DARE taught me to avoid drugs, Alcohol, and smoking also to avoid violent other sorts of violent activities. If I were to think to start smoking I would just picture my lungs turning black and swollen and then I won’t even try to even smoke if I think of something gross I won’t think of doing it again. It’s just something kids could use if they were offered a cigarette. DARE also taught me to not be involved in violent activities. If someone were to offers me a drug or alcohol there are many ways to say no or as we call it in DARE “ 9 Ways To Say No”. Officer Johnson taught those “9 Ways To Say No”. For instance give the person the cold shoulder and say a simple “no”. Or use the skipping CD where you just keep saying “no” over and over and over again until that person gets tired of offering you something that you don’t want.

Taking drugs and drinking alcohol and smoking can really change your future if you do it a lot that it will make you very ill then it will really change your future. Your future in a bad way usually you may lose your J-O-B or go to jail that happens a lot around the world. Some people even die if they take to many drugs or smoking too much or even drinking to much alcohol. All of this stuff will basically make you go crazy. So don’t do any of those things and don’t change your future by taking them. So make the right decision and don’t take drugs.

DARE Essay
by T.C.

I will promise my parents that I will say no to drugs because my parents have said drugs are very bad and they said they would make me move out of the house if I ever took a drug. My parents will be very disappointed too. I will also promise Officer Johnson to say no to drugs because he taught me everything about drugs. Some things that officer Johnson taught me is drugs causes people to lose their memory and intelligent. Also, he taught me that drugs have 200 poisons in them that people know about. Another thing Officer Johnson taught me about drugs is drugs will damage children body’s more than adult bodies because children’s bodies are still growing and adult’s have a fully groaned body.

There are lots of dangers using tobacco, marijuana and alcohol drugs. The dangerous things of using tobacco drugs are tobacco will cause lots of cancer on your kidney, your bladder, your throat, your mouth, and your lungs. People who take tobacco will also get diseases on their heart and will make their heart work harder. The violent things of using marijuana drugs is marijuana will make you lose your concentration like if you were taking a test and took marijuana you would not concentrate and you would feel drowsy. The dangers of using alcohol are if you were drinking alcohol, you will not have control of yourself. Also, alcohol can make you have lots of injuries and violence and you could hurt other people.

I will avoid any drugs and violent actions. There are some ways I could be in charge of avoiding drugs and violent actions that I learned from DARE. One way I could be in charge is if someone says if I wanted to have a drug. I would say no and walk away from the person. Another way I could be in charge is if a person asked me to have a cigarette, I could repeat saying no so the person wouldn’t ask me anymore. One other way I could be in charge is if someone I knew asked me if wanted to drink some beer. I would say no and say if the person wanted to play a game. I would change the subject on something else than beer so the person wouldn’t ask me anymore if I wanted beer.

If I took drugs, it will change my future because I would have bad health. I would have lots of cancer and I would have difficult times trying to breath. I would also lose my memory and I would talk slow. Another thing is if I ever took drugs, it will change my future by not having a job because I would not know anything about how to do jobs. I wouldn’t know how to do jobs because drugs can damage your brain so you wouldn’t know much about anything.


D.A.R.E. Essay
by J.L.

I promise not to take drugs to my self and my parents. I promise this to myself becauses if I take drugs it will affect my body, also because I don’t want to stop playing sports. I promise this to my parents because, they have led me in the right direction for all of my life and I won’t let them down. I won’t take drugs because I’ll do really bad in school. If I take drugs now I would go to jail.
The dangers of using Marijuana, Tobacco, and drinking Alcohol can be severe. If you smoke Marijuana you can lose your memory. You can also get cancer. If you smoke/chew tobacco you could get many kinds of cancer. You could also get heart disease. If you drink alcohol you could do bad in school. You could also get a coma or die.

The DARE program has helped me make up my mind not to do drugs or get involved in violent activities. I will not take Marijuana because, the DARE program has told me that if I do I will go to jail. I will not smoke\chew Tobacco because; the D.A.R.E program has shown me that if I do I could have a lung that looks like a cocoon. I will not drink alcohol because if I do I could endanger other people and myself. I will not get involved in violent activities because, I could get in trouble with my parents and the law. I will not take drugs because; the D.A.R.E. program has taught me that if I do I could harm all parts of my body.

I will not do drugs because if I do my choices in life will be limited. If I take drugs I could do bad in High School and college. If I take drugs I could lose my job if I start later. I won’t take drugs now because I would end up in jail. I might also get expelled from school. If I take Marijuana any time I could go to jail. If I get involved in violence, I could get kicked out of school or if I do something really bad I could go to jail.

DARE Essay
by K.H.

Did you know that drugs and alcohol are bad for you? Well now I know all about them. I took D.A.R.E. and now I promise my doctors, my parents Officer Johnson, and Mrs. Soderberg to never take drugs. I promise my doctors because then they don’t have to worry about my health and me because I won’t be taking drugs. My parents are one of the people who taught me how drugs are bad. Obviously my D.A.R.E. officer needs to be promised. He taught all there is to know about Drugs and alcohol. Same with my teacher.

These are reasons why drugs are bad. Tobacco would effect our body’s development. Our body is still growing. Did you know that there are over 200 known poisons in cigarette smoke? Marijuana causes memory loss & the ability to concentrate is gone. Alcohol slows your reflexes. Alcohol makes your speech not sound well.

I learned how to say “no” in risky situations. In fact I learned more than 9. I was amazed at how many ways there was just to say a simple “no.” I usually try and stay away from places where they use drugs. I never will try to take drugs or alcohol but if somebody asks me I will use the many ways to say no. Smoking will not be a part of my life.

If I take drugs I probably won’t be able to be that Softball player I want to be. No one would want to hire a smoking computer animator either. What I am trying to say is that if I smoke or take drugs I most likely won’t get a good job. I won’t have very great hobbies either. If I have alcohol my sports ability would be lowered. Smoke would be all over the place if me or anybody else smokes.

by K.S.

I promise to say no to drugs. I promise to say no to drugs because it will affect my future and education in bad ways. It is good to say no to drugs because it reduces risk of cancer. Certain drugs can do certain things to your body like Marijuana. Marijuana is a drug that causes you to lose your memory. Or when adults start smoking tobacco it causes breathing problems. Maybe someone you know played college basketball and was on a scholarship. But one day he started drinking. After a while his body slowed down and the college took away his scholarship.

Did you know that some drugs are very dangerous to use. Some drugs even cause cancers that lead to death. Someone I know went to a party with some friends. She didn’t drink the beer but her friends did. She sat in the back well one of her drunk friends drove the car. They crashed into a tree, and she died. She might have not gotten drunk but she decided she would let someone else who was drunk drive her home. One cigarette has at least 200 poisons known. There is one poison called Nicotine. Nicotine makes you want more cigarettes, which means more poison.

There are a lot of things that make you say no to drugs. Like someone who has smoked for years there lungs have black blotches all over it. Or when someone drinks a lot of alcohol there are some little lumps that are filled with liquid. There are kids that just smoke out side the school and ditch class. They could get expelled. Most colleges don’t want someone who was expelled from high school. So you probably wouldn’t get a good paying job. In the United States of America it is illegal to smoke Marijuana, and I don’t know any one who wants to be arrested by smoking Marijuana
Taking drugs limits your future. Someone I know got in a car crash and died. It limited their future to nothing. If you were twenty and decided you wanted to go to college, but you got low grades because you were to busy smoking after school. Well no really good colleges would accept you. So you most likely wouldn’t get a high paying job. There are so many ways that drinking or smoking can limit your future. I think almost everyone wants a good future and drugs don’t help.

DARE Essay
By A.H.

I promise not to take drugs when I am older to my parents, because they will tell me it is wrong and they will ground me for life. They have taught me smoking is bad for your lungs and your heart. If someone every ask me to smoke and I have nine ways of saying no, but if they say everybody smokes, that would not be true because only about 11% of eight grade tried it but only but only to 2% of the kids liked it. If I smoke it will slow me down, by slowing down, I mean that you can’t run that fast no more like you would right now. Like for example I am trying out for basketball it involves run a lot and if I smoke I won’t be so good as I am right now.

Marijuana is another drug that can slow you down in sports. It is illegal in the North America. Marijuana can cause short-term memory lost and slow relaxation. Alcohol is a type of drug that you drink. It can make things you see seem at a different angle. I leaned that Alcohol make a person having poor judgment in how they talk. Alcohol can also slow you down. Only about 20% of eight graders smoke and 80% of them don’t smoke. I leaned that that not a lot of eight graders smoke in the United States.
Tobacco is the type of drug that is not illegal in North America.

Tobacco is illegal if you are under eight-teen. People who smoke under eight-teen go to jail, and the person who sold the drug to you will also go to jail. Tobacco can cause lung caner and heart disease. If someone asked me to drink or take a cigarette I have nine ways to say no. I‘ve learned in dare that there is all kind of poisons in a cigarette like tar and nicotine. Nicotine is a substance that makes you want to have more.

Tobacco, marijuana, alcohol can effect your life by getting a job because it will make you lose concentration when you are trying to speak and you might have memory lapses. I’ve leaned that a memory lapse is confusing because you always forget stuff that you do temperately. Memory lose is when you can’t remember anything, it like gone.


DARE Essay
by N.R.

I promise to say no to drugs. I promise this to Officer Johnson, my friends, my family, Mrs. Soderberg, and most of all myself. I promised this because drugs can hurt me same with alcohol and violence. I learned that drugs are bad for me and all of my organs. All drugs are illegal in the United States.

Using drugs, engaging in violent activities, and abusing Alcohol can hurt you. If you use Marijuana you can get really sick. Marijuana causes 50% to 70% more cancer causing chemicals. Abusing Alcohol can lead to coma or death. You could not remember a lot of things. If you engage in violent activities you could kill someone and go to jail for life. Someone I know abused Alcohol and they had to go through rehab and it was really hard for them to discontinue the use of Alcohol.

The D.A.R.E. program has taught me many things. One of the things is the 9 ways to be in charge. The 9 ways to be in charge can help you get out and stay out of risky situations. The D.A.R.E. program has also taught me that too much Alcohol can cause memory lapses. If you aren’t the one drinking you could still get hurt. The D.A.R.E. program has taught me just because my friends are doing something doesn’t mean it is right for me to do the same thing. The D.A.R.E. program has taught me that engaging in violent activities can get me arrested and in a lot of trouble with my parents.

If I was involved with drugs, Alcohol, or violence it could hurt my future life choices. If I was involved with violence I could kill someone and go to jail for life. If I was involved with drugs the police could catch me. There are thousands of people killed each year because of drunk drivers or driving under the influence of Alcohol. Most people who take drugs aren’t in their own minds and just do a lot of stuff with out noticing it. A lot of people who I know drink and some of them have even died because they have got in to car accidents.

Dare Speech
by Q.T.

I promise to say no to drugs. I promise to say no to drugs because they aren’t good for kids, like me. There are things like tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana that are illegal for people under a certain age. Marijauna is illegal in the United States but some people use it. I will make this promise to my parents.

Tobbaco, marijuana, and alcohol are bad for you. They are bad for you because they can hurt you in many ways. Tobbaco can cause a greater percentage of heart disease than nonusers. Marijuana can cause short-term memory-loss. Alcohol can slow your reflexes down, which is not good when playing sports. These are some ways on how they affect your health.

DARE has tought me a lot of ways to stay away from alcohol, tobbaco, and marijuana. Saying “no” to alcohol and other drugs helps you later in life. When you are 18, it is your choice to use tobbaco and when you are 21, it is your choice to drink alcohol. You shouldn’t use drugs, though. They can mess up every part of your body. Someone I know uses these things and I don’t like it.

If you dream of being a sports player, then you shouldn’t use drugs at all. Drugs can slow your body down. Drugs can also make you get tired often. Drugs can also affect how your brain works. If you want to play sports, you shouldn’t use drugs because it will also slow down your reaction time. These are some affects that drugs can do to your future.

by S.C.

I promise to say no to drugs to anyone anytime any place and any audience. Alcohol can lead to coma or death. Tobacco is the #1 cause of lung cancer and death in the United States. Marijuana affects your sense of choice. These are three good reasons not to take these three bad drugs. I promise my father and family this for non-needed to be known reasons. I want them to be proud of me if I don’t take drugs.

Some drugs can cause depression, some can cause bad decisions, and some can even cause death. This will happen to you if you smoke 5 or more cigarettes. You will most likely become addicted. Tobacco will affect your appearance. You will also have shortness of breath. You could even die. As long as you smoke marijuana the effects will be harsh. Marijuana can be addictive, and is illegal in the United States. Marijuana is also cancer Cause-ing. Alcohol is the worst to me. Alcohol causes poor judgment and if you drink alcohol for a while you will become over weight. Alcohol can lead to violent things like car crashes and death.
The Dare program has taught me to say no to drugs. I have learned to say no in many different ways. #1 the skipping C.D No thanks No thanks No thanks. Humor I need to NOT be stupid this year. Cold shoulder just ignore them. If you don’t like those ways just say no. The DARE program has taught me and other people to stay away from drugs. Drugs can lead violent things.

Alcohol can screw up my future by affecting my judgment. Alcohol can also cause memory loss. Tobacco can cause cancer and affect my appearance. Marijuana can also cause memory loss. When you smoke Marijuana you lose the ability to concentrate. Drugs like Marijuana, Alcohol, and Tobacco all have one thing in common, they all are addictive and all can cause death. I would like to say thank-you to Dare for teaching me to not take drugs. Before you try making a decision about taking drugs remember to Define Asses Reply Evaluate.

DARE Essay
by N.P.

I promise officer Johnson not to take drugs. I promise not to take drugs because I will get messed up if I take them so I wont take them. I don’t want to be dumb and stupid. I don’t want to take them because they can ruin your sports career if you are aiming for that. They can get you in big trouble. I don’t want to die sooner then any other healthy person. I don’t want to have breathing problems. I want to have a healthy life and not have problems. So that is why I promise officer Johnson and my mom and dad I will not take drugs.

These are the important things I learned in D.A.R.E. I learned that drugs really damage your body. I learned that drinking gives you slow reflexes and can ruin your sports career. I learned that there are over 200 known poisons in cigarettes. I learned that marijuana makes you dumb. I learned that 20% 8th graders drink and 11% 8th graders smoke cigarettes. I learned that nicotine is the worst and the most additive thing in cigarettes. I learned that marijuana contains 50 %to 75% more chance of getting cancer then cigarettes. I learned that there is more tar in marijuana then cigarettes tobacco. I learned that marijuana and alcohol gives some type of memory loess. Those are the important things I learned.

These are the exact things I learned in dare. I learned that cigarettes get you high. Like someone I know smokes and when he/she wakes up the smoke a cigarette and they wake up better. Someone I know friend friends had smoked marijuana in the past like 15 years ago. I learned that alcohol is very bad for you if you drink it a lot. Iv learned a lot of things from a lot of people that drugs are bad from you. I don’t want to injure my body. So I will never take drugs in my whole life I promise.

These are the things I learned that are bad for you. Alcohol is a really bad thing for you. It can cause a car accident. Marijuana is also really bad for you. It gives you all types of cancers. Cigarettes are bad for you they have over 200 known poisons. I don’t want to get to get in trouble and I don’t want to mess up my life. I will never use those things in my life.

My DARE Essay
by T.W.

I promise to say no to drugs, I promise this to my mom because she has always tells me what it does to your body. I promise Officer Johnson because he spent every Thursday for 10 weeks telling us what it does to your body. I find it super important to promise it to yourself. I think that you should do that so you can tell that I took D.A.R.E. and I learned the facts of drugs.

If you were to abuse alcohol then you would be drinking constantly. Someone I know even used drinking as a substitute for her actions and so when she was mad she would just drink. When she learned what it was doing to her she quit and for the rest of her life she takes a class called A.A. that is Alcoholics Anonymous. A.A. is for people who have drinking just like that person I know. There is also a place on the Internet called Phillip Johnson.com there are so many with drugs like memory-loss and a lot more then that.

In your normal life there are some things you can avoid like skipping class to do drugs, being around people who skip class to do drugs an anything else that. I would do sports instead of drugs. So you could be athletic

If you were going to go to like the UW as a scholarship then you start drinking or doing drugs then you have a lot smaller chance at getting a paid way through collage. Or if you were drinking and driving and you got a ticket then you would not get a paid way through collage. These things can cause coma or death, cancer in any part of your body. You could even get a brain tumor (like cancer only in your brain).

D.A.R.E. Essay
By J.B.

I promise to all my family and friends that I will say no to drugs. I promised that I will say no to drugs to my family and friends because they never hurt me like that would hurt them. If I smoked around other people they might get second hand smoke. I also won’t do drugs because it will make them feel that I am safe. Sometimes I watch people on television that have holes in their throat because of smoking.

When smoking Tobacco you can get breathing problems. Also, a problem is Tobacco slows down the body and brain. When you smoke Marijuana a problem is it gives you short-term memory loss. Also, it slows your coordination and reflexes. When you use some of these drugs it results to violent activities. When you get drunk and use drugs in a gang it can lead to seriously violent activities. When you consume too much alcohol you can lose your memory. Also it leads to coma or death.

The DARE program has taught me to say no to drugs. Examples of saying no are, when someone asks you to smoke you say “no”. Also, you can walk away. To avoid violent activities you can stay away from peer pressure. When you stay away from gangs you are avoiding vilont activities To avoid alcohol you can stay away from bars. Also you can leave if people around you have alcohol.

When you smoke it slows your body and brain down. Also, it gives you breathing problems. When you are involved with violence you could be in jail for a long time, you can also get hurt. When you do violent activities you can hurt other people.Alcohol can permanently slow your body down. Also, you can get arrested for under age drinking.

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