Why Should There Be A New Disney Theme Park in the USA?


Where should the Walt Disney Company build a new theme park in the United States? Why?

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The Walt Disney Company is thinking about building one new Disney Theme Park somewhere in the United States. However, they are not sure that building a new theme park is the best thing for them to do. Because all Disney parks are centered around a strong theme, they will only consider park proposals from areas that have proposed attractions based on the history, landforms, major landmarks and famous people of one particular area. Additionally, the Walt Disney Company would only consider building a theme park in a part of the United States that has enough people living in the area to supply workers, a climate that would allow the park to be open 365 days a year, businesses that could supply items for the theme park and a good transportation system to get visitors to and from the theme park.

The Walt Disney Company has just hired you & your team to research this subject & then report back to them on whether or not there is a best location for a new theme park. You will want to do some careful research on the climate, businesses, population and tranportation of each region & then select a city in a state and region that can have strongly-themed attractions based on the history, landforms, major landmarks and famous people of that area.

In other words, your job will be to study each region, decide on the best place to put a new theme park, and then persuade The Walt Disney Company that you have not only made the best choice, but The Walt Disney Company will not only want to know where the best place is for their new theme park, but also, based on the region itself, what the theme for the park should be.

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Part One

In groups of four students, research each region: Below are the regions that you will need to research

  • Use your SS book, chapter 2 to start your research, then get any missing information from the yellow Regional Research Links that are listed below.
  • Work with one partner from your group
  • Split up the work so that each partner group has a fair number of regions to research
  • Once you have researched all 7 regions, bring your work back to the entire group and continue on with Step 2.
Mountain States
Southwest States
Plains States
Northeast States
Southeast States
Pacific States
Great Lakes States
  • Here are some of the important things that you will need to look for in each region as you do your research:
Other important factual information
Businesses that could provide supplies for the new theme park

You will need to use at least one copy of this Disney Research Template to help you research each region.

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Regional Research Links

Worldbook Online
Go here first & type in
United States

Sperling's Best Places
Go here to compare information about two different cities either within the same state a state in a different region.

Click on the states & get info. on climate, transportation, etc. You will need to visit all of the states in a region when you do your research.


Go Here Last!

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Part Two

Once the research for each region is complete, bring all of the information back to your whole group. The group will need to talk about each region, explain the factual reasons why that region would be the best place to host a new theme park and after listening to the details about each of the regions, come up with a decision on a specific region, state, and city in which to place the new park (this step will take excellent listening and cooperation on the part of each group member).

Part Three

After deciding on the best place (state and city) for the new park, the group will need to decide on the best theme. For their new theme park, groups will choose its:

  • Name
  • Theme
  • At Least Five Proposed Attractions - Create at least one attraction for each category below:
    Famous People
    Major Landforms
    Major Landmarks
    Tall Tales or Fables

Use the Theme Park Resources below to help you decide upon the theme for the park and its attractions:

Theme Park Resources

 Infoplease United States Reference Site

Library of Congress: Explore the States
Historical info. & stories about each state

 The US 50

Worldbook Online
Type in
the name of your state in the search box.

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Part Four

Next, individual group members will write a persuasive proposal to The Walt Disney Company that details why their groups’ chosen location is the best place for their theme park. Each group member will need to use a copy of the Persuasive Essay Template to help them write their essays. If your teacher did not give you one, click here to download a copy of the Persuasive Essay Template.

Click here to go directly to the Persuasive Essay Rubric.

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Part Five

Each group will try to persuade the Disney Company to build their park at their selected location by creating a 30-second iMovie commercial. This commercial must contain the following:

  • Physical map of the area (created by the group)
  • Models and pictures of what the proposed theme park might look like
  • Factual reasons with visuals as to why the chosen area is the best place for the new theme park

Click here to go directly to the iMovie Commercial Rubric.

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Persuasive Essay Rubric

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iMovie Rubric

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Social Studies
Persuasive Writing
* Understand the complex physical and human characteristics of people and places (geography).

* Writes clearly, effectively & persuasively
* Understands and uses the steps of the writing process.

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