New Disney Theme Park Projects


Disney's Western World
in Houston, Texas

Created by K.S., K.H., O.L.,L.H. & N.P.


Mickey’s Buckaroos

Mickey’s Buckaroos is a family friendly ride. Mickey’s Buckaroos is a Merry-Go-Round. It could have seventeen horses, and four carriages that have pictures of the Disney gang on the sides. It is open to all ages.

Pecos Bill Haunted House

Pecos Bill haunted house is based on the legend Pecos Bill. When you walk in the lights flash and you turn a corner and see Pecos and his wife on a horse that is hitting a moon, and on the side his dead twenty-four dead


Rocket Swings

Rocket swings are comfortable seats shaped as a rocket that goes around and around. It looks like a rocket except the seat, because it curves in. There will be sixteen Rocket swings. You have to be at least two years old.


A.J Foyt Go-Cart Racing

The A.J Foyt Go-Cat racing attraction is based off the famous racer A.J Foyt. You have to be at least four ft. and a half to ride in a go-cart alone, but if you are fifty lbs. to ride with a parent.


Underwater Adventure

Underwater Adventure is based on the Gulf of Mexico. It has two windows and out the window there will be bull sharks, oysters, clams, and more. It will fit five people. It runs on a designated track magnetically.

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