Grebredos: Can You Sell Them?

Kinoshita Incorporated recently bought one million Grebredoses from the remote village of Eladwodaem. The only problem is that many different kinds of Grebredoses came in the shipment from Eladwodaem. Each Grebredos is so different that Kinoshita Incorporated isn’t quite sure what they are used for or who would buy them.

You and your advertising team have just been hired by Kinoshita Incorporated to do the following things:

  1. Decide what your Grebredos does.
  2. Decide who would need or want to buy your Grebredos.
  3. Create a written persuasive report that will convince Kinoshita Incorporated that you have not only found a practical use for your Grebredos, but have also created the best advertising campaign so that the Grebredos can be easily sold to the public.
  4. Create a television infomercial to sell your Grebredos that not only makes people understand what they are and what they are used for and creates a true need for people to buy them.

Kinoshita Incorporated needs to sell their entire Grebredos shipment quickly. The longer the Grebredoses stays in storage, the more money that Kinoshita Incorporated will lose. Therefore, they only are interested in the best advertising campaigns that will persuade the public to buy lots of Grebredoses. Advertising teams who are successful in putting together persuasive infomercials will receive huge promotions. Advertising teams who do not put together persuasive infomercials will immediately be fired.

Here are the things that your team needs to do

  1. As a team, decide what your Grebredos does and who would want or need to buy it. Download the Grebredos Planning Template to help you do this.
  2. Write a persuasive proposal that will convince Kinoshita Incorporated that your team has not only come up with a plan, but also has come up with a successful advertising campaign. Download the Grebredos Persuasive Planning Template to help you do this.
  3. Create a short iMovie infomercial for your Grebredos. Download the Grebredos Infomercial Planning Template to help you get started.

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